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09-03-2008, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by coolbean04 View Post
How about this for a trade?

Dubinsky, Dawes, Prucha, Kalinin, 1st round pick.

Minny gets 3 solid pieces (Duby, Dawes, pick).

Minny gets 4 players that can be plugged into there lineup. Prucha can thrive in Minny because he'd get a lot of ice time.

We can plug Fritsche into the 3rd C spot (future will have Anisimov there). Gaborik would take up Dawes spot, we don't get a significant loss in Prucha or Kalinin.

Duby 633k, Dawes 587k, Prucha 1.6M, Kalinin 2.1M = 4.92M

That leaves us 1 dman short and we are already really thin on defense. and we still are short one top 6 dman. Still wouldn't work salary cap wise anyway b/c next year we would need to re-sign him. That would leave us w/ Lundy, Gomez, Drury, Redden, Gabby as players w/ $6.5 mil contracts or over. Not too mention that Zherdev and Rosy will most likely be over $5 mil each. That's putting us in extreme cap hell.

realistically Gomez or Drury need to go the way of the dodo in order for us to get Gabby. I know people would like to get rid of Redden or Rosy for Gabby but that takes away one of our top 3 dmen, putting a big hole there again for us as we really don't have ready replacements right now, and are thin. So once again we would need to spend money to shore up the defense.

Would love LOVE LOVE to get rid of Drury's contract for Gabby, but unfortunately Captain Cash has a NMC, and probably wouldn't wave it. So that leaves the only realistic option being Gomez. But he is our best center, and why would we want to get rid of him? We probably would, but we do have a logjam or players/prospects at center. So it is feesable. But all in all, I don't really see how a trade w/ Minny would work out between these two teams b/c the Rangers aren't a good match for Minny b/c of our cap situation.

although I would do a trade for Gomez and Cherry for Gabby. I think he is a great player and getting him (and still having Z) would make Cherry expendable, and I believe in Dubi, and Ani becoming real good real soon(and us not playing well anyway this year) making Gomez expendable.

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