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09-03-2008, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by nyrJeff View Post
You people are crazy. Gaborik is a good player, but he's streaky, he's injury-prone, and he isn't reliable.

Isn't this the same strategy that got the Rangers into trouble for so many years - trade a bunch of good young players and picks for a big name?

Huge pass.
Goborik when healthy is an elite player. not a good player. gomeaz and drury are good players. They are nowhere near Gabbys league when Gabby is healthy.

He is injury prone. Can't hide that fact.

The last 3 season's he has avgeraged over a pt per game. How is that a Streaky and unreliable player. Prucha is a streaky unreliable player. Gabby isn't. he had one 5 game streak w/o a pt and one 4 game streak. after that there was a couple two's but basically he got a point every game, or every other. that's not really streaky.

and the Rangers old philosophy was a trading away young players for OLD players. Not 26 yr old payers in their prime, and are among the elite. also using your thinking you must have hated the Zherdev trade also as we traded our young talent.

their old philosophy was also signing overpaid, and overrated free agents but many people here don't have problems w/ the gomez, drury, naslund, redden signings.

jeez. people want a youth movement, but don't want to get elite youth, just a bunch of 3rd liners who can maybe achieve 2nd line potential. Getting Gabo will help solidify the youth movement, NOT hurt it.

We already have way tooo many prospects for us to use them all on the ice. so use them in a trade. plus than we will be forced to shed one of our horrible contracts in Gomez or Drury ot get an ELITE player. notice how I say ELITE. not a good player, but an ELITE player.

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