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Originally Posted by FLYLine88 View Post
Ah, well thats sounds better then him being injured....
Actually, we blame his agent and DR. He wanted a reasonable deal but DR said no. Mind you, this was right after the playoffs when Gaborik pretty much carried the team through the playoffs.

Both of them were off their marks, but DR wouldn't budge. It didn't help that Gaborik had Allen Walsh as his agent, who has given headaches to DR before. And Dupuis was also holding out...Here's the article:

Gaborik was originally was asking for close to $6.5 million a year, but lowered his asking price to $13.5 million over three years.

Risebrough had offered Gaborik a three-year, $9.45-million US contract sheet just over two weeks ago, but it was turned down. The offer would have given Gaborik $2.8 million this season, $3.15 million next year and $3.55 million in 2005-06, plus incentives.

Now Gaborik was asking for a little too much and he realized that, lowering his offer down to around 4.5 million, which isn't unreasonable. He was an up-and-coming star, no salary cap, was Minnesota's franchise player and basically guided them through a stellar playoff series, in which they upset not only one but two powerful teams. DR basically slightly raised Gaborik's salary from the 1-2 million he got barely. No wonder Gaborik sat out. They couldn't come to a reasonable agreement.

No problems at the last contract signing though.

Now, again, Gaborik got injured because he returned too fast. He was injured, came back to play a game and then re-injured it.


Minnesota and New York won't make good trading partners.

First, Roszival is overpaid, we don't need him, especially at 5 million a year. Where would we stick him? We got Zidlicky, Burns, Schultz, and Johnsson in our top 4 and Lemaire likes all four of them. Well three, but he'll like Zidlicky. So that's 5 million for a 3rd defensive pairing guy? Eh, pass.

Secondly, we don't need a center actually. We got Pouliot, Sheppard, and Koivu right now and Belanger as a utility. Plus we got Locke and Kolanos in the minors. Not that good but will manage in a pinch. Plus DR is committed to seeing how Pouliot does this year in the NHL. He did okay last year for a stretch, so really no need to put another center there when we are starting to get a log jam there.

Third, we need scorers. Not guys that set up, so Gomez wouldn't be an option. Who the hell would he pass to? Nolan? Brunette, Koivu, Bouchard are primarily guys that do well on assists not goals. Sheppard and Pouliot are unproven. Belanger er. Moving on. We got a few youngsters too that are primarily guys that move the puck but don't shoot it.

Fourth, if Minnesota gives up Gaborik than that'll signal a change in the organization. That means we will need prospects back or young players back. Not guys like Gomez and Drury, who are in the middle or nearing the last few years of their careers.

Fifth and finally, we don't want Russians. It's not that they aren't skilled but the risk of flight is too great for the Wild to take a gamble on. We lost Misharin, Voloshenko and Sushinsky and the last one, Voloshenko broke DR's back I think. He won't take a risk on a Russian, even if it is a good Russian like Cherepanov (who we could have grabbed last year). So, Cherepanov and Zherdev, I don't see Minnesota wanting a lot.


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