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09-03-2008, 11:03 PM
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Ball hockey requires an insane amount of running.

For attire, I definitely recommend a jock and some volleyball knee pads. You'll sweat a lot, and you'll probably get very hot since the ambient temperature is going to be higher (lack of ice) so you should definitely invest in some Underarmour, or other breathable clothing to wear under your jersey. Soccer-style shin guards are also quite helpful. One thing I had a hard time adjusting to was the weight of the ball. The league I played in uses a featherweight ball, so it's really easy to lose track of it while stickhandling. The ball is also quite prone to flying high.

If you're not used to lots of sprinting (perhaps you're more comfortable as a steady-state runner) you'd probably enjoy playing D.

Oh, offsides in ball hockey (or at least the two leagues I've played in) are a little different. For the ball to be considered "out" of the offensive zone, it has to cross the red line at centre, and not the blueline. To clear the zone (return onside to advance the ball) your players only have to come back to the blueline. If you've got pressure and your opponents dump the ball past the blueline but they don't cross the red line, your team is still onside. If that ball does cross the red line though, your teammates have to come back to the blueline to go onside.

This gave me quite a bit of trouble in my first two games.

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