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09-03-2008, 11:22 PM
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I don't know if you do this or not, but I find a lot of guys that pride themselves on "hustling" chase the ball all over the floor, with no regard to their position.

The hustle is great but you should learn where you are expected to be - by all means back check and if an opportunity presents itself take advantage of it - but good teams are able to let the ball do a lot of the work because they know where each other are going to be. If you are running all over the place you'll just get in the way.

In terms of crowding the net - I find in ball hockey sometimes being right on top of the net all the time isn't good. The rebounds typically come out a little further - so you want to be out a little higher. Except of course if you are simply trying to screen the goalie than by all means get your arse right in there. But I found I started potting a lot more goals by going to the net, drawin the dman with me, but then taking a few steps back to find a soft spot - you're open for both a quick pass or rebounds. More options than being the guy that's strictly being a garbage man in the crease.

Each league is different though - I've played a lot of high level of ball hockey, and also some real relaxed stuff - and what one does in each is totally different. In some ways I find playing with beginners tougher because they dont' hvae any clue what they are doing, and thus do opposite of what you are expecting.

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