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Originally Posted by Recast View Post
Reminds me of a teammate I had in a winter league. He could barely skate forwards, couldn't skate backwards, couldn't do crossovers, and for the most part couldn't accept hard passes but, he managed to get a lot more goals than I thought he was going to. He worked hard, got involved in the play [rather than just floating around looking like a lost child], and in the offensive zone he went to the net.

Sometimes, I think knowing what to do helps more than knowing how to do it.
Generally we'll start by teaching the kids who are just learning to chip the puck out off the boards/glass when they're playing wing in the defensive zone, and to go to the net in the offensive zone. Assuming they're willing to work hard and follow instructions, this means that they'll be contributing offensively by bashing in rebounds and whatnot, and they're helping out by clearing the zone when they're on the defensive side, right off the bat. It's a lot easier to learn a new sport and play catch up in a lot of the skills if you're contributing and helping the team.

It also tends to shut up the smartass kid, who will almost always pop up at some point and try to put them down, pretty quickly when he makes some snide comment about their skating and gets a quick rebuttal from the new-to-the-game kid pointing out who it was who scored a goal the last game.

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