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06-21-2004, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson
because you were wasted :lol

I saw all the main stage bands, NFG was awsome, the Darkness was awsome, Beastie Boys were awsome (and I'm not even huge fans of them), also saw Zolof and the Rock and Roll Destroyer, it sucked their mic went out, but I thought they were a great band. Don't Look Down was good on the other side stage.

-saw some dude passed out in front of us, security came over and tried to wake him up, litterally tossed him over and he rolled back over

-saw someone run through the crowd and security caught up to him, tackled him and put him in a head lock, this also directly in front of us. He had a certain type of drug with the same slang name as a particular type of soda

-Many many people smoking weed during Cyprus Hull, espically when they brought out a 4 foot bong.

OMG I didn't know zolof was going to be there, I totaly would have gone. I have seen them live a few times at little halls around the FairlessHills area because my sister knows some of the kids in the bands they normally play with. GKJ have you heard of Days Away? The drummer was at my graduation party on saturday night drinking the free bree lol, my sister is good friends with the guys in that band.

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