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09-04-2008, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by putridgasbag View Post
I don't get it. To me the farm team's number one objective is to develop players for the parent team. Winning is always preferable to losing (well duh) but not at the expense of developing players for the big league team. If the prime minutes on the farm are being sucked up by AHL vets who really aren't destined to play on the Canucks how is this helping in the development of the kids?

Baumer and Nyquil (or however you spell the new guy's name) are both on the farm taking top 4 minutes how does that help the Canucks in the future? Are either of these two guys really going to ever be Canucks for more than emergency purposes? How about Krog. If he is the top centre on the farm that means he is getting all the prime minutes that a kid should be getting.

If the goal in Winnipeg is too win with the vets then the coaching staff will be playing these vets over younger guys which in my very humble opinion will delay the development of these younger guys. The farm team to me should be about taking your youngsters and letting them play and play a lot in all situations.
What young center's prospect spot is Krog taking next year? What prospect defensemen are losing spots b/c of Baumer and Nycholat next year?

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