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09-04-2008, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by CH4THECUP View Post
Gagnon is the only sport journalist in town with an unbiased opinion. The best one with Mathias brunet.

The fact that he is a sens fan is just a plus, IMO, he will not be shafted over one of our player when he does a good game. A non-habs fan POV at RDS will be more then welcome
Yeah, instead when that player will have a great game, he will ask for the team to trade him, like he did with Kovy last year. He's also the ****** who can't even actually understand how a cap on the percentage of revenues work. It is quite pathetic. BTW, I don't know if you've noticed, but Pedneault was always very critical of a lot of Habs players. Gélinas and Pedneault didn't sound like Hab fans. Actually, Pedneault sounded very much like a closet Sens fan.

Give me a break, The Nordiques are long gone, it does not change anything where they work 15 years ago.... where were you 15 years ago??
I was 2 months removed from celebrating the 24th cup and winning a bet with my Pops that the Habs would come back in the conference quarter-finals against the no-dicks after losing the two first games. If you wanna know where I was physically on sept 4th 1993, well at this very moment, 16:08, I was probably at home back from high school, watching TV or outside playing street hockey.

What it boils down to, is that RDS could've found people who were more closely related to the Habs scene, or Habs history. Bringing in the supreme Koivu/European hater outside of Don Cherry, and bringing in the Kovalev basher, and both are guys who were known in the past to dislike the Habs... I know money talks, but good gawd, RDS could've done way better than that.

BTW Crete worked also for the nordiques..

Ozy, you seem to look for trouble today, in every tread you seem to put controversial thoughs

just see Bergeron as an ex-Rangers coach.
My opinion is controversial. Does it mean I shouldn't have an opinion?

Remember, stick and stones an'all that crap, right?

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