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09-04-2008, 07:33 PM
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Originally Posted by mrmyheadhurts View Post
I agree to a point. Would I prefer Selanne and Sundin to Demitra and Sundin? Absolutely! However, the idea of having a Selanne and Demitra combo holds little interest for me. Yes, Demitra can play center but I really think we need to have a big presence up the middle (or on the wing) and Demitra himself said he plays better with a big a body on his line.
I think the problem is that Demitra is a playmaking winger, which is why a playmaking center is less likely to pan out. By the same token, if our second line had Demitra (before going to Minnesota he had something like 436 points in 419 games) and Selanne (back to back 40/90 point seasons before last year) on the wings... It doesn't really matter who the center is. It's not ideal; I would also prefer a biggish center who can score like Sundin, but a Demitra/Selanne combo ain't a bad plan B.

Doesn't really matter, because Selanne isn't coming here - this is all just theoretical.

I just think the Canucks have never filled the void left by Bertuzzi. We need a big, skilled top six guy but that's just my opinion.
I don't think size is so much the problem as grit. Size gives you the ability to crash around, and be strong on the puck. The Sedins are unbelievably strong on the puck, they're just finesse players and not crash and bang. If you watch their positioning when they have the puck, very infrequently is there a defender with any sort of angle to get at the puck - they're always using themselves to block them. They play larger than they are without being gritty.

That being said, the amount of legit top-6 players with grit and heart that are available? Zero. Every team wants them. Regardless of what we need, we have to play with the cards we're dealt, and if Bernier is the only player we have filling that role, that's not so bad.

Originally Posted by Rover View Post
Agreed. Without the shootout points, edmonton would have been no where near the canucks last season. Edmonton might have been one of the best shootout teams last year, but they don't use shootouts in the playoffs. As a team, vancouver was better than edmonton and will be better than them again this year.
Without shootout points, Edmonton would have been 3rd last in the league, 2 points behind LA and Tampa.

Originally Posted by huntison View Post
Who do you suggest we trade for? and what do we give up to get them?
There's a lot of players that we COULD trade for that would fill that need, but the cost would be so steep that I probably wouldn't do it myself. Two years down the road we won't have that need, because Hank/Kes will be around and we'll have Hodgson/White ready.. and a bottom 6 center is easy to find, relative to 1 through 3.

If we have ZERO prospects for Center, I would do what I could to trade for Jeff Carter (Edler+mid to late 1st?) or a player of similar size/style, but with two good center prospects a few years away? The need is for a 2 year window, not for long term, and overpaying to get someone who might not fit into the 2-3 year plan doesn't make sense.

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