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09-04-2008, 08:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
As of now, people are just tired of waiting and want no part of him.....So at one point we'll forget a little about him, concentrate on what we have, be excited to watch Tanguay, Laraque and others play. Then if Sundin in December decides to join us, don't worry. EVERYBODY will welcome him with open arms.

As far as teams that should be out of it based on what he says (if what he says is really important.....), based on this RDS translation of his latest interview, Toronto is definately not an option. 'Cause, from his own words, if "the only thing that matters are the series", there's no way he could think that Toronto will surely make the series this year. So if making the series (and not be playing for a contender) is really what he wants, Toronto is out, Vancouver, Montreal and the rest are definately still in.

I'm a little surprise that we didn't hear a lot about some KHL teams interested in him. He would be closer to home, would make a lot of money and it might be easier to play in that league for him.
Sundin stated yesterday if he comes back to play hockey, the NHL is his only choice

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