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09-05-2008, 07:15 AM
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I watched the AK Bars-Omsk season opener last night. Emelin was playing on the 3rd pairing, and what looked like the top PK unit and he saw some time on the PP as well. He was playing RD, the goal that was scored while he was one the ice was a bad play by him, Jagr made a nice pass and Emelin was in good position as he dropped down to block it but the forward misfired on the shot and then Emelin got up and went at the forward but went to the outside instead of the inside so the forward had a wide open shot for the goal.

His assist came SH it was a 3 on 4 as AK Bars had 2 players in the box, as I said he fired the puck hard around the boards and his teammate got it and passed it up ice to a forward breaking in on the goalie.

He also had 4 pims, one tripping (not sure if that's what they called it) which looked a little weak as I don't think his stick tripped the player or the player went down really easy. But the 2nd one was all Emelin and he was lucky that the refs took the Omsk captin with him, as it was after the play, the forward swiped at the goalie as he was trying to get to the puck, so Emelin starts pushing and the Omsk player pushed back so Emelin punched him in the face with a jab and the Omsk player pushed him so Emelin pushed him in the face. I thought he would get 4 minutes for that but didn't. In the highlight link I posted, you can see some of the action.

Overall not a bad game for him other then that one bad play. I figured out how to expand the webcast to full screen and I can't get over the quality of the webcast. Love that the KHL is going to show their games for free, that's great. I'll try and watch a lot of Emelin and Trunev plus Korneev and Perezhogin if time permits.

Sunday features Perezhogin vs Trunev, so hopefully Trunev plays so I can catch the.

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