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09-05-2008, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by yoda of the chains View Post
I have to agree with Enoch here. We have no way to be certain what conversations they had, but I do not think Radulov or his agent were explicit in saying he would rather leave and play in the KHL unless something was pre-arranged. All of this did not happen in a vacuum-- Poile alos had other players that had to be locked up this offseason while in theory he had many months to lock Rads up.

I know the team will miss his production, but this guy shows no professionalim with the way he dealt with his team here. I suspect he will want to come back to the NHL at some point and this episode will be remembered to his detriment.
By signing this contract, I think Radulov has really really hurt his earning power in the United States. Think about it - he was in line for probably 4 million a year...minimum, if he just duplicated last season's statistics. Instead, he chose a little over 2.66 million over the next 3 years (and yes I realize the tax burden is less, but there are also less amenities and creature comforts...). When he comes back, he will still be under contract for his 850k or whatever his salary was this year. He will then have to reprove himself in that year, AND demonstrate a loyalty to a club that will warrant a contract extension...... This isn't going to happen unless he terminates his contract in the KHL early.

As for Poile, dulzhok, you well know that Radulov was last on the list of priorities the past few months. We had Erat, Dumont, Ellis, Koistenen, Klein, Weber, Suter, among other situations to deal with.....His situation was a known, and it appears to me that the agent pulled the FU card and went for the quick money while taking his immature client with him.

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