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09-05-2008, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by eklunds source View Post
Luongo isn't going to get 10 million a year... Not when Brodeur is making roughly half that and Lundqvist JUST signed for 6.875. Seven and a half maybe.
you're ignoring the impact that the salary cap has on offers.

The salary cap has greatly increased since Luongo signed his deal... at the time of the deal he became the highest paid goalie in the league (along with Khabibulin)... when Luongo is able to field offers for his next contract, the cap could be in a different situation, and comparing what he could make to what Brodeur signed for ($5.2mill cap hit in 06/07) makes no sense.

Everyone knows that Brodeur is the best goalie in the game... but since he signed that contract, Luongo, Khabibulin, Lundqvist, Huet, Nabakov, Gigeure, Vokoun and Turco have all signed contracts which has exceeded that $5.2mill number (in some cases significantly!).

Just because Brodeur signed in 06 for $5.2mill didn't seem to have any effect on Huet signed for more than that this offseason - and he's no where near the goalie that Brodeur is, and everyone knows it!

In 2 seasons, would it really be surprising seeing a team throw $10mill at Luongo? This season the canucks threw $10mill at Sundin, and if the cap goes up again, it makes it even more possible for Luongo to get that kind of an offer...

my guess is that if Luongo makes it to UFA status, he'll get a $9mill offer easily... he's considered a franchise player, in a position that many teams would love to upgrade on - such as Colorado (who'll have tons of cap space, and always seem to go after big players).

I'm hoping that the canucks lock him up before that though - rather see the canucks lock up $9mill of their salary cap towards Luongo, then see him go to the Avs or any other team for that matter!

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