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Originally Posted by poise View Post
Stan Fischler is an interesting figure to say the least.

He is at the same time a great encyclopedia of Hockey history and a source of great controversy with his radical opinions.

I'm probably more open to his unique listing than most others because I put less emphasis on Awards and Honors than many people and go more with a subjective feeling of what I've watched.

One of the oddest things to me was the way the Edmonton Oilers were ranked. Up to that point, I feel that Peter Statsny, Dale Hawerchuk, and Denis Savard were all better Players with better Careers than Messier, not to mention Jari Kurri, who outscored his teammate in Regular Season and Playoff Play and was better Defensively. I suppose Messier was just a Player who stood out more in Games with his Physical Play than Kurri. Kevin Lowe is one of the more underrated Defensemen, but ranking him top 100 in a list quite heavy on older Players seems odd.

The thing that intrigues and confuses me the most however, is Stan Fischler's love-hate relationship with Ray Bourque. In 1988, Bourque is ranked on the lower end of the List. As someone pointed out, after Bourque had retired, Fischler commented that Bourque would not be in his top 100.

Yet, in between that, during the 1989-1990 Season, Fischler wrote a column arguing that Bourque was better than Orr. This is an article that is written about that column (I don't have access to the original column myself):

From the Worcester Telegram & Gazette (January 28, 1990)
Well he is correct on one aspect, the quality of hockey was considerably lower.During bobby orr's era, you had a few great players and a bunch of bums. That era really didnt have many good or very good players.

Another thing about that era is that teams were so lopsided. The bruins, canadiens, blackhawks, rangers and flyers had all the good players, while the other 10 teams were left with bums.

I mean really just look at the depth of the nhl in the 1970-71 season. Outside of the 4 top teams, you really couldn't even name a player from the other 10 teasm that scored 80 points. While orr was on the team that had 7 guys score more than 70 points.

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