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09-05-2008, 05:32 PM
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Originally Posted by JiriHrdina View Post
No question - and the lower leagues are more dangerous. Guys don't know what they are doing and put themselves in position to get hurt, or hurt others.

In fact I've been out for 2 years from playing in a low tier game - two surgeries and still nowhere near being able to play again.

All because I was subbing as a favor on a team in a lower league - and some idiot who was new to the sport did something incredibly dumb - and in my efforts not to hurt him by basicaly stepping on his head, after he took me out at the knee...hurt myself much worse.

If I play again - I'm sticking to leagues that are advanced enough that the guys know what they are doing.
I've also had my fair share of injuries from newbs. I'm not skilled enough to play anything higher than D level ball hockey... though I'm generally one of the better guys there. You get some guys that can't even control their sticks, and that's pretty scary. Idiots that don't watch the knees are pretty bad as well.

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