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09-05-2008, 07:44 PM
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wow ola.....that was a great read!

if i can just comment:

I am SUPER excited for most of these players....especially jessiman, sanguinetti, anisimov and korpikoski as i feel those are the players who have the greatest room for improvment.....

i am hoping this guy gets a shot this year as he had probably the best year of his career last season in the AHL while taking on a new role as team enforcer....he seems to do everything asked of him and has a great attitude....his size is a skill that can not be taught and i agree with you Ola, that he will be more of a threat than some think he will be just due to his pure size....the one thing for me that he needs to work on is his lower-body strength and balance. he got much better at both last season as he was quicker and more balanced on his skates but he needs to keep improving....a lot of this can be translated to core strength.....his core has to be that much stronger because he is a lot bigger than most guys he plays with. if he can continue to improve i expect to see Hugh get a chance with the rangers at some point this season......and i expect to see him succeed.

IMO he is the best overall forward in the system right now. He works hard, is great defensively, has great size and reach and is gaining offensive skills game-in and game-out....for a 20 y/o he is progressing nicely and the only thing holding him back right now is his weight....if he could gain 15 lbs of muscle while keeping his speed and agility he would be playing in the NHL.....wiht the way he plays the game by using his body he needs that extra strength to battle at the nhl level....

I agree with everything you said here Ola. He needs to work on his speed and skating but the one thing he can always fall back on is his very very good defensive game....he is a very responsible player for his age and that is one thing that should spark renney's interest as that was what was holding dawes back last season from sticking....he scores goals around the goal and forechecks hard but the one thing i want to see him improve on is his offensive ability....he needs to gain confidence and grow to where he can find open ice with his speed....he has to learn how to harnass it.....there is a huge difference at the NHL level between a fast player, and a fast player who can find ice.....the one who can find open ice will be the one on the highlight reels for breakways....the ones who are only fast end up on the 3rd or 4th lines as checking line players

sanguinetti needs to continue to add strength and speed....his game will never be physical, but he needs to be able to take the punishment and make good plays....IMO, as an offensive defenseman he will NEED at least 1 season in the AHL just to see what its like to play against real men who are bigger and stronger than him....he needs to find out what its like to take a hit and make a play.....

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