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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
Sergei was drafted in 2005, same as Price and Latendresse... so, they should all be in the same group...

and, you didnt splitt Savard/Timmins when A.S. was GM, why doing so under Gainey's tenure... just so it doesnt look that good ?
it is well known that sergei was a savard pick. he pushed hard to get him... he even wanted to draft him in the 2nd round but gainey refused.

Il a aussi confié qu'il avait eu un mot à dire dans le repêchage de Sergei Kostitsyn en 2005, dans son rôle plus limité d'adjoint à Bob Gainey.

«J'ai poussé fort pour que le Canadien le repêche après l'avoir vu jouer au championnat mondial junior à Grand Forks, a-t-il confié. D'avoir réussi à mettre la main sur un tel joueur en septième ronde représente tout un boni pour le Canadien.»
it tells everything if he pushed hard to get him and they only accepted to draft him in the last round. without savard, there are good chances we wouldn't have drafted sergei.

as for the timmins picks, like i said, you can put it in the gainey's category even if gainey wasn't directly responsable of their selections. Timmins started to work for the habs in 2004. He only worked with gainey as gm (at least, that's what i think).

savard also had a strong influence on the latendresse pick. he's the guy who convinced gainey to trade for the rangers pick to draft lats.

Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
Good to see you back. T., it seems that we share a love for the bottom pairing, and 3rd,4th line guys. I'm just not sure I agree on these particular 3rd and 4th line guys.
I admit that it's true that my favourite players are most of the time bottom pairing dmans or 3rd/4th liners. I really think we missed Bonk last season. No matter how he did in Nashville (he wasn't even used in a defensive role and on the pk)... we lacked a big shutdown center to stop umberger's line in the series against the flyers. I think the duet Bonk/Johnson could have played this shutdown role since they did pretty well in the 06-07 and they could surely have helped us to kill penalties. Though, I agree that some people may see it as good moves to let them go. I would also have agreed with it if they were replaced... but they were not and smolinski/chipchura disapointed.

As for Cullimore, he had a pretty good season last year and could most probably have replaced brisebois easily...

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