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09-06-2008, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
Quote from Radulov: ""Yes. By the way, I informed the management of the Predators that I had good offers in Russia. My contract with the Predators is valid for another year. But I wanted some certainty now. For example, Malkin in Pittsburgh had his contract extended a year before the previous one was set to expire."
You trust a 22 year old ill-mannered kid who skips out of contractual obligations over a one of the most respected GMs in the world? riiight.
1. Radulov is not Malkin. If he thinks he is, then he doesn't belong on this team or in this league.
2. Rad signed over in Russia BEFORE a full year. That is just Radulov spewing bull crap excuses as to why he left. We would have been glad to extend him I'm sure, but not before a year! Again, why should he receive special treatment? No one on our team gets extended this early.


Yes. Having a bad relationship with NHL GMs is a terrible things for agents. Do you think prospects looking for an agent are likley to go with someone who has a bad reputation with NHL GMs? Very unlikely.
Read spank303's post. Radulov's Russian agent does not give a hoot what NHL GMs think about him. His job is, apparently, poaching players from the NHL to play in the KHL. Of course no NHL GMs are going to like him. Radulov's NHL agent advised him not to sign in Russia. So, is it also Radulov's NHL agent's fault he signed in Russia, too? You just seem to have your fingers pointed at the wrong people.


Again, Radulov is to blame here. But, from all accounts, Poile did nothing to diffuse the situation, which he apparently had warning of.

I am willing to bet that a number of NHL GMs could've diffused the situation. Yes, Poile had other contracts to work on. Yes, Radulov is immautre. etc. etc. etc. But, bottom line, our most talented offensive player is gone. And our present and future look a lot bleaker because of it.

Malkin was getting huge offers from Russia as well (much bigger than Radulov). What did Shero do? Started talking extension right after the season ended. He had a contract in place for him as soon as July 1 came.

In my opinion, a good, proactive GM could've stepped in and diffussed the situation.
Like I said, Radulov is no where in the same league as Malkin. Maybe Malkin deserves special treatment according the Shero. I don't know that situation. But Radulov does not deserve anything of the sort.

If by "diffusing the situation" you mean giving into an undeserving player's demand, I'm glad he "didn't do anything" (which again you still have no proof of).

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