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06-22-2004, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by jas
I think Poti is a possibility. (Sather will try his darndest to do so.) However, I think it will have to be in combination with a pick. For example, poti and the 36th to Atlanta for the 10th and a conditional pick next year. (Say, a 3rd or 4th if Atlanta re-signs him.) Or, Poti and the 51st to a team like Dallas or St. Louis for their 1st and a lesser d-man.
Come on, Jas. You are not being the least bit realistic. Poti, a 2nd rounder, & a 3rd rounder from next years draft, in return for the 10th overall pick? With all due respect, there's just NO WAY that this has even a remote chance of occuring. You are not dealing for Atlanta's 1st overall pick without giving one back. And please forget the Poti + the 24th for Atlanta's 10th. That has no shot either.
Niether Dalls nor St. Louis will just give up their 1st round pick for Poti and a lesser d-man.
I have no idea where the thought process that has given Poti such a high value originated, but it is simply not true. NO TEAM is going to give up their 1st round pick, for a 26 year old that is being paid over $3m, is an utter failure as a defenseman, and is afraid of contact.

" Poti at the very least will get you a 2nd rounder on his own."

Steve Sullivan got traded for a pair of 2nd round picks. NO WAY does Poti fetch a 2nd rounder. One cannot understate that Poti's contract, for the type of game he has, is overpaid. Poti is an offensive defenseman who completely absconds the defensive part of his game. And, he had less assists that Jan friggin' Hlavac last year. Who in their right mind is giving up ANYTHING for him?
I think that people equate with their own desire to get rid of Poti, with other teams wanting him.

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