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09-08-2008, 12:16 PM
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New York Rangers - Superhuman after the all-star break. Why?

Why does it seem that the Rangers just turn super-human after the all-star break?

Last year we hit that 13-14 game point streak and the year before that I remember the Rangers tearing it up too. If someone could provide the run the rangers went on after the all-star break over the past three years that would be awesome.

Any idea why? Was it Jagr going all out after the all-star break year in and year out? I know Lundquist's stats are insane after the all-star break every year as well. Any Ideas why the Rangers turn into cup contenders and go on a hot streak around this time of year? Is it the players feel playoff fever and give it there all? Shouldn't they be doing that all year anyways, giving it their all?

What are your thoughts on this and do you think this will be the case again this year?

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