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09-08-2008, 02:29 PM
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Our team was down to 9 players, mainly due to injury and pregnancies, and we were all just wiped. It was a tie game, 0-0, thanks to our goalie. It's the final game in the A divison playoffs.

Anyway, I was playing D and their winger missed a pass so I poked it out of our zone and noticed that their D was on a change. So I sped in and the goalie came out to challange me and ended up tripping me with an attempted poke check. I had raised it to avoid the poke check and I look, as I'm flying through the air (a la bobby orr) I see the puck going the same way. In absolute desperation I swing my stick and it makes contact with the puck and flutters in.

I go sliding headfirst into the boards and pretty much knock myself out and smash my shoulder. I lie there, kind of flip over and my D partner comes skating over (we really didn't play that much defense. It was more of a 5 forward team when we were on the ice) and goes "It went in!"

I played the rest of the game pretty beat up, but it was a great goal.

"I channeled my inner Morneau, took the stick and hit the mother****** to the moooon!"
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