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Originally Posted by Synergy27 View Post
This is obviously a complicated question to answer, and there many factors at play, but I'll throw in a little different perspective. I think it has a lot to do with Reg Grant.

This is something that doesn't get talked about too often, but I think Reg and his staff, along with the first class facilities at their disposal, are a big reason why the Rangers always seem to come on strong late. Never underestimate the value of quicker recovery and having overall better conditioning than your opponents. Skill levels are so close on a team by team basis that seemingly "little" things like this can be real difference makers.

Have the rest of you also noticed that the Rangers have been "lucky" enough to avoid many serious injuries recently? I don't think this is a coincidence either, and superior strength and conditioning helps keep players out of the on ice situations that often lead to disaster.

Just my two cents.
So the Rangers aren't good enough to beat these other teams if they're at 100% (i.e. the beginning of the season)? I don't buy it. That's not to take anything away from Reg, because it is amazing how well conditioned our guys are. I think it's a mix of chemistry, and desperation that effect our post all star break play. At times, especially early in the season, the team seems, lackadaisical. Almost like someone else will step up, and it's not until after the ASG to turn it up. They're like students writing a term paper, the wait til the last possible second to get it done haha.

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