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Originally Posted by saskyoil View Post
Not much to see-do in Riga from my experience... enjoyed Tallinn and Vilnius much more. But it is really cheap in Riga.

Resteraunts: on Baronas street, near the old town you have Lidos (cheap, Latvian Buffet and great quality) and a really good Japanese resteraunt nearby.
Hmm, I found just the opposite. Tallinn seemed very touristy, but with absolutely nothing to do other than eat and drink. Even then the food was ridiculously expensive, and the bar we ended our evening at ended up charging us $40 per drink (which we only found out once we got back and saw our credit card bills). Riga at least has vitality and life all over the place. I do agree the Lido buffets are excellent though (not as good as they used to be, but better than anything I've found in Canada or the States)

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