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06-22-2004, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
I'm willing to bet you the fact that draft day will come and go, and Poti WILL NOT be moved. Not for a 1st rounder, not for a 2nd rounder, nor even a 3rd.

"Anyway, I'd love to see Poti gone and I think Atlanta's pick could be had for Poti, #24 and a second rounder...say #37."

Ahh, but that is not the scenario that is being painted on these boards. What is being painted is Poti being traded straight up for the 10th overall pick, Poti and a 2nd rounder or 2 being traded for the 10th overall pick, or Poti being traded for a 2nd round pick. Poti being traded straight up for a 1st round pick is pure fantasy. Poti and a 2nd rounder or 2 being dealt for the 10th oveerall pick is pure fantasy. Poti, the 24th and a 2nd rounder is much more plausible, but not for the 10th overall pick.
People tend to forget that Hartley runs the bench in Atlanta. Poti IS NOT his type of players. And let's end the specualtion that the right kind of coach will make Poti pay attention to his defensive responsibilities. 5 coaches and 3 GM's have not been able to make him play a lick of defense. Hartley would never trade for a player like Poti.
But, Waddell would.

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