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09-09-2008, 08:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Sean Keogh View Post
Kevin Lee also seems to be assuming Winchester doesn't make the team, and it doesn't take a lot to connect the dots and figure out Winchester won't be in Bingo. I can do that and I'm not on Eklund's site.

As for where Nikulin could play, Kelly can easily play LW and has done it in the past. He also could end up as a supporting player on a scoring line, particularly if we go three lines. Vermette plays LW as well of course. The only two players on our team that are almost certain to play center are Spezza and Fisher, everybody else has played plenty of LW in the NHL. The problem is not so much finding him time to play center ice but rather figuring out what to do with our glut of bottom six forwards.
It will be interesting what happens to Winchester, none of us know if he is good enough to make this team or whether he will be a tradable asset. Although that seems unlikely since they went to so much trouble to sign him last year. Sure Kelly can play LW but doesn't it also seem unlikely that they would play 3 centres on one line Kelly - Vermette - Fisher or play 4 centres on the top two lines? It's possible because they still have McAmmond who could play 3rd line centre or Nikulin which IMO is less likely. What happens if Murray signs another forward?

Originally Posted by emo View Post
He hasn't been on the Team 1200 since he first moved back to Ottawa. He's been blacklisted, much like you never hear Don Brennan on said station.

Lee is not a credible source.
Yes, he has, I heard Kevin Lee on the Team 1200 last week and before that when Buzz died. I would tend to think that sports writers who supposedly have greater access and more sources would have a little more credibility than any of us who are just fans of the team. You may not agree with their opinion but I don't think we can say they are not credible. Afterall we are all really just guessing, some more educated than others.

Originally Posted by petelevi View Post
As others have written, Kevin Lee is not a worthwhile source. For whatever reason Kevin hates Nikulin and has been trying to get him traded via his blog for months (he's also not fond of Chris Neil).
Come on, he hates Nikulin and Neil ... I doubt he hates anyone, why do people assume we hate Nikulin if we just surmise he doesn't have what it takes to make this team. It's not about hate, it's about assessing talent & giving an opinion. Maybe like us he is looking at the roster and determining that Nikulin isn't good enough to make the team. Based on what we did see of him last year when he played in Ottawa I too thought he lacked any kind of intensity, same for Hennessy.

Maybe he blows us all away this year at camp, it remains to be seen. But just from a couple of practises at the development camp, to me anyway, it still seems he doesn't get it and will not or cannot show the intensity some of us are looking for in him. IMO I think that Isbister and Shannon may now be ahead of him in terms of callups. Looking at this roster I see that Schubert, Neil and McAmmond are the most vulnerable to lose their jobs or be traded.

I also think that Nikulin's talent is best suited for the 2nd or 3rd line and I know it won't be the 2nd line because he won't beat out Fisher or Vermette for that spot. IMO I think the Sens would prefer an experienced Kelly or McAmmond to play Centre on the 3rd line which leaves him out. Donovan just signed for two years and Winchester is likely guaranteed a spot because of his one way contract which takes away another roster spot. Foligno and Bass are more likely to make this team but there's no guarantee for them either. Looking at this roster there just doesn't seem to be any room to accomodate Nikulin which may make him a valuable tradable asset.

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