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09-09-2008, 01:28 PM
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Q&A with Loic Lacasse

Chatted with Loic over the weekend, once again you can read it on my blog while you listen to my band's music on

Or read it here cause you hate folk and want to be a meany !

Loic Lacasse for the last couple of years has been a staple of rookie evaluation camp, with a style and demeanor that reminded some of Mathieu Garon in some aspects, there seems to be a consensus that Loic has been somewhat the forgotten story of the Habs goalie line with better profiled kids in the system such as Cedric Desjardins and for a bit of time Yann Danis it was easy to completely forget about Lacasse once Missiaen was drafted this year.

But don't count Lacasse out ! after his journeys in the Q, OHL and more recently pro-league IHL, Loic is back in camp this year with allot to prove and a will to shatter any perceptions we've had about him in the past.

Q - Loic, during your draft years there seemed to be a consensus on you being a good fast goalie with well balanced agility and strength, talk to us a bit about the skill and mindset( as well as the evolution ) a goalie goes through when he comes out of draft day, and gets into the mold of a guy like Melanson ?

A - The focus is very quickly put in what is in your head, they go to big extents to figure that out and it's very important because it is 90% of the job, once they are sure you are the mental part is strong, your technique is put to the test and they find every hole you can imagine ! finally of course ... can you stop the puck ?

Q - You've mentioned that Rollie puts a big emphasis on the mental part of things, how do you reinforce that part of your game ?

A - It's so primordial and essential, people can't even start to realise, I mean thats what it's all about, can you get back into the groove after giving up a bad goal ? that is the main difference between a number one guy and well ... an ok goalie, on my side I tried different things but what helped alot was excelling around older players gaining the confidence that you can stop someone who is that much more developed in his game and experienced than you are.

Q - Some analysts say there will be a heck of a battle between you and Cedric Desjardins come camp, what is your perspective on that, how are you approaching this camp ?

A - I've got nothing to lose, everything to win, I hope the others know that coming into camp as I'm going to give everything I have, I want to show them I'm a solid guy in every and all perspectives, leave it all on the table.

Q - Do you agree with some of them sayng it will take a spectacular camp for you to come back in the Habs crosshair ? Do you think they've exagerated the importance of this camp ?

A - Well ... No they're not exagerating, but don't get me wrong, I want to prove myself during camp, but camp is camp and the season will be even more telling on the improvements I've made, I want a good camp to transfer over to the season, thats for sure.

Q - Talk to us about your summer training, did the Habs ask you to work on anything in particular ?

A - Well I definitly have to get there in top shape, I've been non-stop this summer at Allard Training in St. Hilaire so I'm sure I've got that covered.

Q - Talk to us about the IHL Praire Thunder and how you approached these last few months with them, is it a step over the Q to a big extent ?

A - Well it is in many aspects, especially that you have much older guys there, shooting at you all day and a good coaching staff, I was pleased to have a good season with them and that was the bottom line for me, push as hard as I could to have an excellent season.

Q - I don't think I've ever interviewed a goalie who's played in the OHL and Q, did you see a big difference from your end of the ice ?

A - Well the caliber felt similar, but yeah the styles are really different on some aspects.

Q - Well I have to ask you this for all the guys wondering out there, whats on your Ipod here ?

A - Well, a bit of everything, Country, Metal, Rap, I'm all over the place ...

Q - Equipment wise what pads are ou using this year ?

A - Pads are all Nike Bauer One 95, the stick is a Bauer Vapor XXXX

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