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09-09-2008, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
Thing is, Mikey - the kids ARE ready to play. I mean, what do you want from them before they get a shot? Callahan was at something like 2pts per game in HFD before his last callup. At some point you gotta let them either succeed or fail at the NHL level.

As to why this would be an awful, AWFUL move - he simply will NOT play on the third or fourth line. Anyone who was a fan when Mark Messier came back for tour II should understand that.

"Tom, put me out - I'll get the goal." "Tom, put me out - I'll kill this penalty."


"Crap, we're down a goal - I could go with the kid who still isn't established... or I could go with the sure fire HOF guy... hmmm...." "We can't let a goal in on this one, better ask Shanny to try to suck it up one more time..."

Either way - it's not what we need. And it WILL happen.
This is how i see it.

I love Shanny always have - but the turnover of this team was geared around releasing the Jagrs and the Strakas and the Shanahans IMO and passing it to Gomez, Drury, Dubinsky, etc.. flipping to a more faster, open game. One that Renney himself has endorsed. Shanahan doesnt fit in that mold, so why do it? Who's spot is he taking, and why did Sather go out and buy Voros and Rissmiller who SHOULD be playing in the same role?

I also find it hard to believe that Renney is going to use him in a "limited" role. Shanahan WILL be on the PP, no matter what, and how is that going to effect the rest of the team?

Seems to me - if Shanahan is indeed signed, that either Renney and Sather are being too nice, or they miscommunicated. Or maybe they dont have a master plan at work... thats whats pissing me off. You'd like to believe that all of these depth moves have been part of a plan, whether its generating more depth or competition in camp - or filling out a deal in some sort. Signing Shanahan doesnt fit into any of that IMO and its frustrating to see the Rangers "give in" to him.

Watch us all get heated over his signing and the guy go out and rip off 25 goals before January on the bottom lines playing 14 minutes per game.

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