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09-10-2008, 09:19 AM
Leslie Treff
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Just some thoughts on how I did this. First I went by ranking--so a guy ranked 6.0B (like Moore), can't be higher than a guy like Zaborsky, who is rated 7.0C (at least not when there is a 6.5 ranking in between). This is ranked based upon potential and likelihood of reaching that potential.

Pyatt is left off this year, because his first year's competition against older players was poor (to be kind). He then looked no better at development camp. When I spoke to Tom Renney about it, regarding what Pyatt can do to get better, he had no specific things to say. He is stronger; he is getting the best use of his size. It just does not look hopeful. Now, could I be wrong? Certainly, but right now there are too many prospects ahead of him for Pyatt to make the list.

As for Zaborsky. There was never a question that he had some excellent offensive skills. He has greatly improved his responsibility defensively, and really showed quite a bit both in the AHL at the end of last year and at development camp. The next few weeks will be very important to see where he is emotionally, but his potential is definitely top 10.

Sauer. I very much like him and I don't think he had a bad rookie season, but he has another serious injury standing in his way. This has been a pattern for him over the years and if a player is not resilient, the likelihood of him fulfilling his potential is lessened greatly.

For Hagelin, see BrooklynRangersFan's post right above.

I know there are some folks on the boards that feel that Potter has the skill to be a second pairing defenseman in the NHL. Sorry, but I am not convinced of this. At the highest potential, stretching it, I think maybe. But he makes so many errors, I have my doubts.

Before you decide you think that Zaba does not belong where he is slotted, I encourage folks to watch him play--not when he was in college, now. He will get a good look in Traverse City and I believe he will meet the challenge. If he does not, I am sure that you will all razz me about my ranking him at 13.

As for Weise, he is the potential power forward that the Rangers have been looking for. He is big, tough and can score. Whether he can do so at the professional level remains to be seen, but I believe that his upside is higher than most who haven't seen him play yet.

That's about all the explanations for now. I knew that there would be lots of controversy about the rankings (below the top 5), and hope that as the season goes along, things will be sorted out more.

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