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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
when it comes to Shanny, here's where I believe people around coming from.

Two seasons ago I complained when I saw Shanny taking regular PK shifts and getting 20 minutes per night. My thought process was he's going on 38 years old and his body has been through a lot. Additionally, and more importantly, I noted that in the prior season he was averaging a bit more than 16 minutes per game and not playing on the PK (while in Detroit). Personally, I thought Renney was overusing him (since he was getting about 4 minutes more ice time (during the first 1/2 of that season) and he was a year older than when he was in Detroit), and it seemed to me as if the guy was running out of gas even prior to his run-in with Knuble.

Season two - it was more of the same - around 20 minutes per night to begin the season, significant PP time and by mid-season he was out of gas again.

Honestly, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that perhaps as Shanny got older he should play a little less. Renney believed he was the best option and I believe Renney was also remembering Shanny for what he was moreso than what he is. Since January Renney seemed to get it a bit more and play him a bit less on more occasions. But the fear is how he'd use Shanny if he were to become a Ranger again. All your points about fans' erratic postings are well-taken, but I think the above points have been pretty consistent and present good arguments that Renney didn't do the right thing with Shanny (unless of course the alternative, i.e., play him less and the substitute would do worse, but I don't think so considering this is a guy who went 8 games straight without a point and another 8 without a goal last season).
I wish i could tag this post as a link everytime someone brings up the argument that Shanahan will be used in a lesser role this time around.

I was screaming about the same PK problem in season one, and not only him but Straka as well. Renney was burning those two out.

The one time Renney did the right thing is last season when Shanny slowed down, gets banged up a bit and they decide to give him a full weeks rest at the end of January. He responds with 6 goals, 10 points in the next 10 games. He then plays 21 games in 50 nights, 10 of them playoff games - pretty much every other night getting 20 minutes and falls right back into the same pattern.

Who knows, if he's signed Renney could totally do a 180 and give him the appropriate amount of playing time, but theres no indication I should believe that right now provided whats happened the last 2 seasons.

To further enhance this perspective, if you want to talk numbers - take a look at the first half compared to the last half for the last two seasons:

1st half 70 GP - 15 G, 30 Points and 23 G, 40 Points for a total of 38 G, 70 Points
2nd half 70 GP - 8 G, 16 Points and 6 G, 22 Points for a total of 14 G, 38 Points

Same amount of games... whether that is a result of the games piling up, the injuries themselves, old age or the misusage of Renney is up to your discretion.

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