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09-10-2008, 07:43 PM
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A good mail order supplier?

Those of us living outside North America have been limited in recent times by the refusal of US hockey retailers to ship outside the US.

To give you some background information, an 'internet war' developed when hockey shops outside the US said they couldn't compete (pricewise) with internet sellers from the US. Hockey players outside the US were buying their gear from the US and saving vast sums of money, but our local retailers began to suffer as a result.

To keep hockey retailers outside the US happy, most manufacturers (Bauer, Easton, RBK, etc) ceased allowing US hockey retailers to ship/sell outside the US.

The problem is, our local hockey suppliers 'charge like wounded bulls' and only have a limited array of equipment, and certainly not the top-of-the-line stuff.

A 99 cent puck on the internet from the US costs $8 at my (one and only) local hockey retailer.

A puck emblazoned with an NHL team logo costs $3 on the internet from the US and $35 (!) at my local retailer.

A Bauer garter belt which sells for $4.99 on the internet from the US costs $35 locally.

Apart from eBay, is there any hockey retailers who would be willing to ship to Australia?

Even in my own business, far removed from sports/hockey, there are internet wars going on. And competition is a fact of life. Consumers can, should, and will shop for the cheapest price.

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