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09-10-2008, 07:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Sharp Skates View Post
Knowing you lost in the SCF, who do you keep, at what price, how many years and who do you let fly as a UFA?

List of UFA and RFAs:
Koivu, 21G 35A
Tanguay: 26G 38A
Kovalev, 36G 47A
Komi, 3G 14A + led the league in hits, 2nd in blocked shots.
(RFA)Plekanec, 27g 39A
(RFA)Higgins, 32G 24A
(RFA)Lats, 20G 18A
Bouillon 1G 6A
Dandenault: 6g 12A
Kostopoulos: 10G 16A

Koivu: Gone, unless he takes a*1.5-2M$ cut. But I admire his heart and determination.
Kovalev: 2 years, 5M a year
Tanguay: 4 years, 5.5 a year
Komi: 6 years, 4.8 a year
Plek: 6 years, 4 a year
Higgins: Traded or RFA'ed for picks.
Lats: 4 years, 2 a year
Bouillon: Goodbye.
Dandenault: I don't want to offend habs fans here and I really don't know what you guys think of him, but I think he's a really bad player that shouldn't be in the NHL anymore. Just my observation when I watch Habs games. So gtfo this team.
Kostopoulos: The guy's a warrior, but I think Stewart will be able to do his job. And IMHO, Montreal has one of the best fourth lines in the league.

Total: 21.3M without Koivu. Add this to the 20.86M the team will already have to pay and you get roughly 42M to play with. Keep in mind you still need to sign Mike Glumac, Stewart, D'Agostini, Chipchura and Begin.
Which should add-up to (without Begin) 46-47 M. Plenty of space to sign Hossa who will probably not be resigned by my wings.

Your turn!

(And yes, I'm a Wings fan on the Habs board. So what? I always loved the Hab's style of play and I almost never miss one of their games. This is a team with heart, passion and dedication to the game, with classy management and without a doubt the most hardcore and knowledgeable fans in the NHL. I also cried manly tears when Koivu came back to play.)
your opinion is the same than every habs fan methink

For Higgins, i do not think we should give up on him, the guys scored almost 30 goals last year and could score even more, i would be happier to see kovalev go than Higgins as a matter of facts

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