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09-10-2008, 08:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
I also figured it out pretty quickly...that was a lot of specifics to stay anonymous with

Either way, sincerely, all the best this year!
Originally Posted by deangamblin View Post
I think we all did the research on that guy Good luck, I expect a few sticks in the mail!
I didnt do a great job hiding it because i really dont mind if people know who i am on here. A bunch of people already know i just ask not to name drop in convos. I dont want someone doing a search of my name on here and see its me saying hey guys my name is....... and I'm a flyers fan! You never know whos on here and you never know who may stumble upon that, there are players from the east coast league i played with that i know are on here and choose to stay out of convos like this or any questions about their own playing. you would be surprised how many guys on are here but because of where they play and contract situations they want to stay on the safe side. thank you guys for the luck.

Originally Posted by yakitate304 View Post
CannonGoBoom, just a question, and not one that's going to change my opinion of you or anything stupid like that. When the Flyers play the Devils, does a little part of you cry inside?
I get asked questions like that all the time. Pretty much everyone knows im a diehard flyers fan and so honestly when the flyers play the devils i want the flyers to win. Nothing has changed at all like that. The way i see it, i do not play for the devils and never have so i really dont have an emotional ties to the NHL squad. I know a few guys, younger players and have skated with most of them at one time or another but until I'm at least a fringe NHL player I will be a flyers fan. I get asked a lot if i would still be a flyers fan if i made the NHL and to that i say...hell no, once i'm in the league thats my competition, my rival and those are the guys trying to take our spot in the standings.

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