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09-10-2008, 10:34 PM
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Replacement they have a warranty?

After reading lots of posts, I decided to get myself a composite replacement blade.

I have an Easton S5 shaft, 80 flex, and put in an Easton Synergy ST Sakic blade.

I play in a beginner league. I have only played 1 game with the new blade in. I didn't get many shots at all, and the few that I did get were weak snap shots. I took the tape off of the blade, and noticed that about an inch above the heel, there is a crack in it. 1 game, maybe 6 light shots, and a crack?!

The pro shop says all sales are final...and i'm sure these things are supposed to survive numerous hard now i'm afraid that in my game this weekend, the first shot I take, the blade will break. I can't buy another blade immediately.

Does anyone know if Easton has a warranty on their replacement blades like they do on their sticks / shafts?

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