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Originally Posted by Sharp Skates View Post
List of UFA and RFAs:
Koivu, 21G 35A = 56P
Tanguay: 26G 38A = 64P
Kovalev, 36G 47A = 83P
Komi, 3G 14A = 17P + led the league in hits, 2nd in blocked shots.
(RFA)Plekanec, 27g 39A = 66P
(RFA)Higgins, 32G 24A = 56P
(RFA)Lats, 20G 18A = 38P
Bouillon 1G 6A = 7P
Dandenault: 6g 12A = 18P
Kostopoulos: 10G 16A = 26P

Koivu: Lock him up for 4 seasons at 4.5 4.5 3.5 and 3.0 million (15.5 million over 4 seasons, he's getting old and declining but is a great playoff performer and has a lot of heart, I want him to retire here but he has to be reasonable with contract)
Kovalev: 2 years at 5.25 million a season
Tanguay: 3 years at 5 million a season
Komi: 6 years at 4.25 million a season (better to lock him up long term for less than short term for more, but I figure he could fetch 6 mil after going UFA, so this might not be that realistic to think he'd sign a long term deal for 4.25)
Plek: 5 years at 5 million a season
Higgins: 1 year at 3.5 million (I still have faith in this guy)
Lats: WALK
Bouillon: WALK
Dandenault: WALK
Kostopoulos: 2 years at 1.5 million a season

(And yes, I'm a Wings fan on the Habs board. So what? I always loved the Hab's style of play and I almost never miss one of their games. This is a team with heart, passion and dedication to the game, with classy management and without a doubt the most hardcore and knowledgeable fans in the NHL. I also cried manly tears when Koivu came back to play.)
Just wanted to say I think it's awesome that you follow the habs and are a geniune fan of the game.

My points were added to the quote

It would come to 34 million + the 20 some-odd million you mentioned. Maybe we'd have to cut corners here and there or the cap would go up as usual, so i don't know, but regardless I love our current roster and think we could win a cup this year.

Would just suck to spend to the limit. But with so many young players at such a cheap rate right now, one can only imagine how plagued by the cap you'll be in a few years right?

Originally Posted by revin5 View Post
Based on the OP opinion of Bouillon, he doesn't understand hockey.
Bouillon is a great guy and he can be very good. One night he'll look like a #2-4 d man, another night he'll look like a #7 or even #8 d-man though. He isn't consistent and he's been sort of on the decline lately. Maybe it's the new NHL?

This season he was much better than last season though, but the season before last I remember bouillon was actually REALLY good. I remember Bouillon used to save games! I remember one season Bouillon must've swept at so many pucks on the line or in the crease that would've for sure gone in.

Even when he first came up, I'm pretty sure we all thought he'd be a solid #4.

Anyways, leave it to idiots like you to make fans of other fanbases who are actually civil and smart about hockey feel unwelcome. Thanks for conforming to the habs fan stereotype we all know about on these forums, us intelligent habs fans really appreciate it

Originally Posted by Talent Analyst View Post
Sign Koivu at 2 years /8 millions
Sign Higgins at 5 years/ 16 millions
Sign Plekanek at 5 years 20 millions
Sign Tanguay at 4 years/ 20 millions
Sign Komisarek at 5 years/ 22 millions
Sign Kovalev at 2 years/ 10 millions
Our numbers were pretty similar, give our take X amount of years and 250,000$ here and there.

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