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09-12-2008, 11:51 AM
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beaverjc im with you, and i know ive already posted this on some other threads, though i forget which ones.

im no economist, but i do understand (in most markets) the relation of price to supply and demand. naturally, the habs games are going to be in demand, as with any special events, probably the pens as well. i understand charge a premium for those games, and an extra $10 per ticket, although im unhappy about it, i can agree with and admit "ok fine, you win." at the end of the day it just means less games for me.

what i dont understand is the increase in price across the board. last year they had seats start at 10 bucks, this year its 16. and as far as i know all the other prices generally went up a few bucks as well. "but, but, but chuck, they decreased season ticket prices." youre right they did, but the bruins =/= the red sox, and they dont have that much pull in the city yet to be doing this.

fwiw, last year i hit well over a dozen games. this year i think ill count em on one hand! but, thats why they created the hd plasma

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