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Originally Posted by Bruins Gal View Post
I do know that the BBQ is a huge expensive event. They are looking to split that into several smaller events that give you a chance to mingle with players - along the lines of the pay in full event from last season at the Hard Rock. They are working hard to figure out what kind of "fan" you are now. There are people that bring their kids, people that use them for business, and the majority of us are probably in that "hard core" fan base. So they are looking for ways to get to know us better and give the benefits based on that. I'm interested to see what that will entail.

Supply & Demand plays into it. I am willing to bet the florida panthers game will wind up being one of those "buy one, get one free/half price games" as well.

They have the benefit of a good renewal rate and lots of new folks - people are starting to get excited about the Bruins again, which means less of those half price games.

PS, are you sure on the no vouchers....I didn't hear that.
They do seem to be at least making an effort which is promising. My ticket rep told me they were going to reduce/eliminate the vouchers. I assumed they eliminated the BBQ event and replaced it with nothing....but we will soon find out! I think that the prices of the lower bowl are kind of out of whack. Those tickets can be pricey and they are the ones that are empty a lot - especially the luxury seatings and its kills the atmosphere for the game. I just want the place packed with Bruins fans.

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