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09-12-2008, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by sievea View Post
their BABIP is still 2nd lowest despite that, unless you are arguing that having all the starters mostly healthy has made that much of a difference defensively
Huh? I'm saying that just like we are unfortunate with BABIP, we've been fortunate with injuries. It evens out.

Originally Posted by sievea
i'm calm, but don't start arguments with Jester as much as you do if you're just going to back out of it, you do it a lot and if anything it wastes everyones time.
Jester has the unfortunate habit of having to post a comment about every single post he disagrees with. Most of these arguments just turn into a huge circle.

I can sum up the argument that's literally been going on since June, Jester supports the hitters more than I do and I generally support the pitching more than he does.

So why should I take 20 minutes to keep writing posts that have already been paraphrased 2 months ago?

Also, I did not start the argument with Jester.

Originally Posted by FlyHigh
"Blah blah blah we're a 2nd half team don't listen to FH who says we're just resting on our laurels and forgetting what it takes to win."

Fast forward a few months to a 26-23 2nd half (so far) and it's "Blah blah blah, fans like FH who wanted us to work hard and not rest on our laurels are the reason we're losing."

Originally Posted by Jester
Don't strain something patting yourself on your back.

Wasn't our starting pitching fine?
As you can see, Jester chose to take exception with my (largely sarcastic) post, so I don't see how I am really responsible here.

I'm really curious what I did to you, seems like you try to come attack me in every thread, do I know you in real life or something?

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