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Originally Posted by mikeylikey View Post
Ok, so WHY is one wooden stick better than another?

When I look on manufacturer websites, they all have info on what's inside the stick, why it's better than others, what makes the Sher-Wood better than the "cheap" Nike sticks?
I don't know which brand is which but I can say why I prefer Sherwoods. Sherwoods, I believe are made from birch wood -- nice, smooth and durable. They're lighter than some of the wood sticks I've compared them to. I don't know about how they're made but I believe they use a carbon core in the shaft, both for added strength and less weight.

Some of the lower quality sticks I've picked up are fairly rough -- either the paint bubbled when it was applied or the wood wasn't sanded. I'm not fond of paint on the shaft anyway because there's no way of telling what kind of wood was used -- the more grain to the wood the more likely it will splinter. Lastly, you might not notice a weight difference between sticks just by picking them up in a store. You WILL notice a weight difference after an hour or more of play.

I really enjoyed my Sherwood (I think it's a 5030) with a Bourque curve until somebody picked mine up at a game (I assume by mistake) and I never saw it again. I recently picked up a new one with a Bucyk curve because it's pretty similar.

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