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09-12-2008, 05:06 PM
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Voth is also the best power forward in the league and an excellent captain for Cardiff. He gets a very bad rap from the referees because of a number of bad incidents he's been involved with in the past, most of which he's been wrongly victimised for. This 12 games plus 12 suspended sentence is an absolute joke.

There's history to this. Last year Voth knocked out Steelers' Ashley Tait with a slightly high (Voth is 6ft5, Tait's 5ft11), but otherwise legal open-ice check for which he was suspended six games after a whole host of histrionics by Sheffield's PR juggernaut. They've been after him since. This weekend Dagenais had tried, and failed, to connect with a knee-on-knee hit previous to the incident in question on Devils' Jason Silverthorn. Voth came in (as captain and team policeman) to protect Silverthorn and got Dagenais' attention with a run-of-the-mill slash to the back of his legs, nothing more than you see every game. Dagenais turned to face him, Voth threw a big right and the fight broke out from there. It should be said that Voth had narrowly escaped an intentional high stick from Steelers goalie Jody Lehman a period before. Steelers have since thrown an absolute fit in the media and publicly crucified Voth, it's become a witch-hunt, and nearly every fan outside Sheffield has gone into uproar over the ban. Nobody's hurt, that story from Dagenais in the media's poppycock - but then, an awful lot of the stories in the Sheffield press have been like that for years. The ultimate irony is that for the last 35 seconds Sheffield's Andrew Sharp, a goon with zero hockey skill who had disclocated the shoulder of a Hull player the week before in an attack from behind without so much as a game penalty, was sent on for his first and only shift with the intent to rough up the first Cardiff player he could find.

In the midst of two other fights, Kozak jumped Marc Levers (who is anything but a tough guy) from behind and knocked his helmet off. He then proceeded to punch him to the ice where Marc hit his forehead hard, following up with a couple of blows to the back of the head to connect skull with ice a couple more times. On his way to the dressing room he kicked a spray from the large pool of blood left behind towards the Nottingham bench. And you're telling me <<this>> gets less than something that happens in every game? No wonder people are seriously questioning how much influence Sheffield, one of the so-called "big" clubs, have on the league.

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