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Originally Posted by PromNite View Post
From reading around I've heard that Aftonbladet is like the 'Star magazine' of Sweden... making mountains out of molehills. I could be wrong, maybe a swedish poster can clear it up.
Its probably harder for you guys who are reading crappy translations of everything they write -- the nuances dissapears and its harder to be a "critical reader".

They are often out of line with their headlines; but when it comes to the actual article they are IMO basically on par with NY Post. Like they print everything they get a hand on, and they make a story out of most things.

But its not like you can't trust them. But if a source says something -- it could be just a agent speculating or something. It don't have to be a sure thing. But isn't it like that in any paper these days?

For example, "Done deal: Sundin to Vancouver" -- could indicate that its a done deal that Sundin have signed for Vancouver. But then you go on and read the actual writing and it turns out that its a Russian GM who have contacted Sundin's agent -- and according to the Russian GM Sundin's agent have told him that Sundin to Vancouver is a done deal. You don't need to be much of a critical reader now to be a little skeptical.

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