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09-13-2008, 05:49 AM
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Is it safe to say that if they had a real ball coach there (someone like a Jim Torre), this team would probably be leading the NL East. I swear I look at Charlie Manuel and it's like watching a ******** mule sometimes. The guy just doesn't have a clue. The first thing this off season that needs to happen is that Manuel needs to be bounced.

The next thing the Phillies need to do is find a center fielder who played and produced the way Rowand did. Biggest mistake they made was letting him walk. Even in San Fran, he's probably going to end up with 20 home runs. The Phillies really seem to be missing his spark that he brought.

Finally, I never thought I'd say this, but the pitching hasn't been too bad in Philly this year. I'm really surprised though at how Adam Eaton has dropped off the face of the world. I remember when he pitched in San Diego and he had dominant stuff. Once he got dealt to Texas, he was never the same after that. I know that he had tendon surgery on his pitching hand as well, but that was supposed to help him improve. Maybe he's just done. Not sure about any young arms on the farm that might be ready for a starting role either. I agree with others that pitching you have to develop from within. Free agency isn't the way to go with pitching. However, the Phillies need to shore up their pitching this off season.

What should be interesting is what will become of Ryan Howard? Personally, I think this is his last year in Philadelphia.

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