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09-13-2008, 10:43 AM
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We're set in goals and on defense. We don't know the exact lines but we know the 9 forwards who will likely be on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd line. Then, we have a problem (not exactly since this problem is called depth).

We have Bégin, Lapierre, Chipchura, Laraque, Kostopoulos and Dandenault right now who will try to get a spot on the 4th line. That's 6 players for 3 spots. After all what Dandy said at the end of last season and the fact that the team is improved right now (which means that he would not be a regular), I don't think that he will be back. For a reason or another, Carbo seems to not like his play, he just doesn't fit in our system. I wouldn't be surprised to see him traded for a 4th or 5th round pick before the beginning of the season.

The way I see it, Laraque is the only one who will be a regular at the beginning of the season on the 4th line. He will be the RW. For those who want to see Lapierre and Chipchura together on that line, I don't think that it will happen. Lapierre can play C or RW. Are we going to ask him to learn to play LW now? I don't think so.

IMO, here is what we will see:

Lapierre vs Chipchura for the 4th line C

Bégin vs Kostopoulos for the 4th line LW

Lapierre vs Chipchura will be interesting. Lapierre seems like the best fit on that line since he is an agitator. The experience also gives him the edge. However, the management has high hopes on Chipchura for the future. I'm pretty sure that Chipchura will really get his shot. As for Bégin vs Kostopoulos, Bégin is a LW which means that he has the edge on that point. That said, with last year playoffs, Kostopoulos prove to be a warrior while Bégin prove that he can't think with his head and avoid the dumb penalties. Since we want to go as for as possible in the playoffs this year, Kostopoulos is probably the guy that we need. That said, the season is long and we never know what is going to happen.

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