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09-13-2008, 01:49 PM
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Why do I hate Higgins that much, let's put it clear here once and for all !!

Originally Posted by zurg999 View Post
Beaker, this all seemed to hit a flash point for EK while she was posting a series of player vs. player polls 4 or 6 months ago, IIRC.

I believe SKost may have gotten beaten out by one of the two (Higgins probably) as being more valuable to the organization, or something to that effect. She couldn't accept any rationalization as to why this might happen and has spent the bulk her time here since slagging both players at every opportunity.

I had cleared off the old IL but had to fire it up again.


You are completely wrong !!

Sergei Kostitsyn destroyed Chris Higgins in this poll, easilly !!

Sergei got: 64,53%

Higgins got: 35,47%

Not even close sorry...

As for the hate on Higgins, well I was not really a Higgins hater before last season. Just started recently... like November 2007... There's some points that got to my nerves about him very rapidly, let see:

1) Him saying that he could be a 40-40 guy as soon as this year (which means the 2007-2008 season, he said it in september or something), which proves he vastly overestimated his skills.

2) Talking trash about his ex-linemate Ryder... and how the coach should have made some changes sooner to help HIS line. (yeah right, if only you could've scored on at least 5% of you're chances and worked harder Chris...)

3) Gets thousand of chances, but could'nt score to save his life.

4) Having loooonnnng periods of slump, just floating around doing absolutely nothing, not hustling like he use too, shooting from 50 feet on the goalie's chest... Puckhugging, etc. His performance in the playoff was just the "goutte d'eau qui a fait déborder la vase"

5) Not knowing his role on the team... When he was matched with Smolinski on the 3rd line in somewhere January... he thought his role has changed... (yeahh good job Chris, you still played on the PP and didn't do anything)

6) Calling out Kovalev on some occasions... Who are you anyway Chris ?

7) Have lots of contraversial quotes calling out teammates and making some predictions...

8) Higgins is a poor first line material, a okay 2nd liner and an awesome 3rd line forward... which is something that most people don't agreed with me. He doesn't have the hands of a scorer plain and simple. He's like a better version of Jan Bulis, but nothing more IMO.

9) Some people think he will still be a 35-35 as soon as next season... The guy scored 27 goals on 100000 occasions and you guys are still satisfied with it. Take another guy with some scoring touch and place him in Higgins spot and he would at least scored 35 easilly. Higgins would be way more uselful to this team on the 3rd line.

10) One of many Higgins quote last year: In the final game againts New Jersey at some point during the media scrum Higgins is asked about beating the devils, he answers: " don't get me wrong ... I've got alloooot of respect for the devils players, these guys are excellent and work extremely hard but ... It's so awefully boring to play them ... they should be buying the crowd coffee to keep them awake ... "

yeahh right... Higgins was pathetic in that game and the guy still has the courage to make fun of the opponents ? lol

Here's the link:

11) Some people still think he is underrated and should have a career year this season... In my opinion, the guy is already at his peak... he is what he is right now... Expecting more from him is what's gonna make you be dissapointed in Higgins for another year.

12) His poor showing in the playoffs two times in a row... isn't worthy of all the hype from you guys... For a supposely leader and Future captain....

So overall, yeah... I hope you guys understand my point of views.... I hope it is clear for everyone...

So now I'm waiting on my feet fermly here to receive all the tomatoes.... Don't be shy, just throw me all what you got.

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