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09-14-2008, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by hockeyviper87 View Post
the team is very young, in terms of the talented players this year the the tournament.....last season players like korpikoski, staal, sauer, dubinsky and potter were the older guys who brought a lot of skill and experience......the one thing we all noticed last season, that wasnt exploited also was the poor goaltending.....this year it is magnified because of the defense and the types of players there.....last season potter, staal, sauer, sanguinetti made up for a solid top-4 who could play both ends....this season del zotto and sanguinetti are the main guys and neither of them are great in the defensive end.....this is where we will see the lack of organizational depth at goalie.....

also, the forwards are mostly very young and mostly later draft picks on this team....the highest pick at this tournament for the rangers is anisimov as cheraponov isnt present, korpikoski and jessiman cant participate and staal, sanguinetti and del zotto are all defensemen......its not putting anyone down, but there is a reason why they were drafted later on.....its because they are more projects and there is nothing wrong with that, its just they arent as naturally talented as some other players.....

looking at the lineup the team will go as far as del zotto, sanguinetti, anisimov, grachev and hillier/zaborsky take them.....its a very young group and not as skilled as some of the other teams there but the thing i like is that they didnt give up....i like that soryal fought....i like that they play with pride for the rangers....that is what is important to me......

list of prospects not playing:

thats a pretty solid start to a team right the players who recently graduated:


we are just seeing a turnover year....
You make some valid points.

Obviously we're not the same team as last years but still, I hope we don't embarass ourselves.

Oh and it looks like the Rangers NHL squad is not the only one to have trouble scoring goals

Not even 1 goal?? Jeez lol.


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