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09-14-2008, 02:41 AM
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Team Morale Question

Hey all, had a question about some team morale stuff. We are getting to the end of the season and the morale with the guys on my team is pretty low. Some of the guys are looking to move to other teams because they have more ringers on those teams, and the league picked apart our team of our 3 best guys saying they were too good for our novice division. (Surprisingly, those guys just played well together and have scored squat in the next division up)

What should I do about this. Should I let these guys walk? We have some guys who have only played one season on this team, others have played the last 3 (when the lowest we were in the standings was 4th) and then this season we are scraping the bottom of the barrel. I have been with the team 7 seasons and am the veteran guy. I enjoy playing with these guys and they have improved a lot (one of the guys has the time and $$ to skate pick up and stick time everyday). All help is appreciated. For me it is nice to make the playoffs, but I enjoy playing the game with a good bunch of people more

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