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09-14-2008, 03:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
we don't need them at all, IF an injurie accures, D'agostini, Lehoux, Stewart, Flynn and later Maxwell + Pacioretty will be able to temporarely play in the NHL. Right now we're wasting pressious cap money on pissed off players who will be in the pressbox 3 games out of 4. How come it's not like that in Detroit or Philly or Dallas or SanJose, we need to put our best forwards on the ice every game possible, not just for the sake of playing evreyone. I,m really sick of hearing that, if they don't bring enough to the table, then you get rid of them for picks, there's atleast 10 teams that could use a Bégin or a Kostopoulos

Last season, one of the problems in the playoffs was lack of experience..........yet if any of the Habs regulars go down, you feel comfortable having young players with NO playoffs experience fill the void!!! The players that you are referring to as "pissed off" aren't among the best forwards on the team. They are role players! No team has 4 lines of offensive wizards. a team needs guys like Begin and Dandenault and Kostopoulos......they all play the same role. They bring plenty to the table for what is expected of them.........they aren't the guys that are there to score big goals.......they do the "little things" as it is often referred to....

Pacioretty is not ready for the NHL!! He is a talented young kid, but don't let all this media driven hype blind the fact that he is coming out of 1 year of college hockey where they play half as many games as a the NHL. He is not used to the heavy schedule, the level of play, etc. enough with trying to rush all these young players only to slam them when they don't perform to your EAsports expectations...and by the way, he is not a player that will play the roles of a Dandenault or Begin, so their job is not at risk from Pacioretty........

Honestly, what does it really matter how much a player makes in the pressbox?? If the team is comfortable with having those players in that role, then why should it bother you?? Are you George Gillette's financial advisor??

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