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09-14-2008, 05:34 AM
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Sounds like you got your priorities straight regarding having fun vs winning.

Stay positive. If you're a vet on the team then that can have an impact on the rest of the team.

Make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. If people are having fun, then they'll keep coming back and things could improve.

As a vet, encourage people to stay. Low morale from not winning is to be expected. Hopefully though people can still laugh in the dressing room and enjoy a pop together afterwords.

As long as people aren't causing friction on the team and taking away from enjoyment of others try to keep positive for yourself and everyone else. If people are negative and ruining it for others, then you gotta be more concerned.

At the end of the day it's about having fun.

Everyone makes their own decisions. If someone decides to change then that's their call. It's unfortunate that they put winning ahead of having fun with a good group... BUT that's their decision, not yours. Don't feel like it's your job to make sure no one leaves.

And I doubt you have everyone under 4 year contracts.

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