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Originally Posted by Qui Gon Dave View Post
Because they are Liverpool fans and so such obnoxious behaviour comes naturally to them.

I believe most of the dislike is tied into what GG and Hicks said when they were shaping up to buy the club. Liverpool need/want a new stadium and they said when they bought the team that they would help finance the move to a new ground. Plans are in place but they just can't afford it right now, which is impacting on said plans. As a result, a number of fans are very annoyed with the owners. I think that is the main reason.

Other, I believe lesser reasons include:

- Some fans are unhappy that the owners don't get on and draw attention off the pitch. Also that they don't get on so well with the board members.

- There are some fans who expected them to throw more money into the transfer market to get the players the manager wants. The fans are firmly behind the manager for the most part so when the owners refused to pay 18 million for Gareth Barry (for example), the fans side with the manager and not the owners. I believe they have stumped up significant funds for some transfers but a few fans seem to expect a more free spending approach. Best to ask a Liverpool fan for the details of their expenses though, I only pay attention to part of what happens on that side of Stanley Park, the other side is of far greater interest to me.

I think those are some of the main points for reds fans disapproval of the owners, but I'm sure some liverpool fans here like Hackett can give a more detailed and accurate account of the situation.

The BBC commentator at the game yesterday suggested GG should go to Anfield more often if the team ends up playing like that. Not sure the fans would soften their approach towards him even if he did and the team kept on winning. I expect almost all credit would go to Rafa, whether deserved or not.
this, my friend, is the very source of the problem.

New ownership, but the same coach stays because the fans LOVED him. We are talking about a coach that gave Liverpool the Champions league title a couple of years ago. Rafa has been critisized because of his bloody rotation policy... which is obviously crap. He lined up a different team for 93 consecutive premiere league games... using his depth, but failling to create a bond between certain core players... which is the thing that makes the difference at the highest level.

Besides, Rafa's management of the transfert founds is highly questionable...

dirk kuyt - 15m +

Jermaine pennant - 5m +

peter crouch - 15 m +

Benayoun-5-7m +

Kewel - 10 m +

and so on... instead of adding 2 or 3 quality players to the squad, he decided to create a lot of depth... which isn't a bad thing, but only if you have secured a strong 11 starters ... which wasn't the case.

his only! good move, was fernando torres... whatever he paid for him. (30m E ?)

The word went out that benitez wasn't able to bring in A players... he kept spending money on B players paid at a high price.... ex: benayoun was the best player on his former team, and this is why they wouldn't let him go for cheap... but benitez insisted...

new owner came in (gillet, hicks) and they were reluctant in giving Benitez milions to work with... They openly said Benitez wasn't their man ... Benitez openly critisized the owners , and since he was a fan favorite at the club, the new owners popularity dropped....

a week later, gillet and hicks tried to convince Ramos to come to liverpool, but Benitez heard the news, and flamed again, generating a wave of frustration among the fans...

Even from the start, an american takeover of liverpool wasn't like a dream come true among liverpool fans... they were against the idea of a foreign takeover...

the truth is... Benitez always ''challenged'' in the champions league because of the depth he had on his team... But since there was always a bit of quality missing, he never succeeded in challenging at home in the premiere league and that is what the fans now want, and what gillet and hicks want....

Benitez Owes his fortune to guys like Carragher, Gerrard and Riise... guys that play above their responsabilities to earn late winners ... out of magical plays... sometimes lucky... he plays a very defensive orriented game and hopes guys like gerrard and torres can work their magic...

with that philosophy you cant win IMO ... you can be within 10 pts of the leader at the end of the season, but you can't have more than 5 or 6 0-0 draw without asking yourself some questions...

He must win the premier league or mount a serious challenge in order to keep his job... and if he does that, his weight at the club is going to be bigger than those of gillet and hicks...

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