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06-23-2004, 01:57 PM
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Now that lights up my day!

I can't beleive some of the replies in this thread. Listening to some you'd think Gainey has decided to let Markov walk.

We're talking about Quintal here, a guy that always used the media to his advantage, a guy that left the team to NY for more money.

Also, you can sense that Quintal thinks he's better than reality, always been that way, from the way he handles the puck way too long ala Bobby Orr and turns it over or whines when he's a healthy scratch, or the way he states he doesn't want to be a 7th guy and that he must have been doing something good looking at Souray's success playing with him (I still can't beleive that comment, Souray was the one bailing him out on most nights prior to his injury).

Plus having talked to NY and Chicago fans, Quintal isn't the leader he's been proclaimed in the Montreal media. He was reportedly screeeming at younger players on the ice, not helping them at all.

Hockey wise, Quintal is a bellow average #6 Dman, especially considering he's a righty. He's got zero offense and is too slow to be effective defensively. His only quality was willingness to stick up for teammates, but that role can easily be handed over to the likes of Begin, Langdon and yes, his upgraded replacement, Komisarek. Or maybe even a UFA like Laperriere who I would love to see in a Habs jersey.

In all, this was the only possible and logical way to go for the Habs, considering Quintal has proven on numerous occasions he would not stand to be a healthy scratch in Montreal. Brisebois, Rivet and Komisarek are all light years ahead of him. That's why I was shocked when I heard Gainey wanted to resign him earlier and that's why now I think everything is back to where it should be.

Feels great to hear Gainey once more stating he wants to go with youth.

Our current D depth chart now looks like this:


I like it and don't feel we should try to upgrade the D corps during the summer. Let's concentrate on getting stronger and tougher up front.

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